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Moving Forward Together To A Better Cayman For All

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Forward.  This one word aptly describes BTW Candidate Chris Saunders.  
Together is how he describes his journey growing up from a young man to raising his own family.

True to the age, Chris Saunders came from a large family.   Born on the 6th February, Chris is the only son of Roy Saunders and Rose Maclean.  Additionally, he has a multitude of first cousins as his maternal grandmother; the late Ms. Mac of Champion House Restaurant had 10 children.

Chris’s first years of education started at the Truth for Youth School in George Town and then later at Calabar High School in Kingston Jamaica.  Despite missing home, at Calabar High School, he was a Prefect and as well a member of the Cadet Core.  Learning to live independently at such a young age, prepared him to travel to further places with Chris attending Pace University in New York City where he majored in Accounting with a minor in Political Science. During his years at Pace, Chris was very active in many student organizations and in his final year at Pace he was elected President of the Student Government Association and served in the Senate at Pace University. Chris successfully passed the Certified Public Accountant Exam in 2001.

Beginning his professional career in the Civil Service, Chris proudly acknowledges these years as leaving a lasting imprint on him.  During these years, he first worked at the Lands and Survey Department as well other government departments such as Treasury, Internal Audit, and the Office of the Auditor General. Chris also served as a Director of the Health Services Authority where he chaired the Finance Sub-Committee as well as a member of the Immigration Business Staffing Plan Board.  

Chris’ experience within the private sector is very far reaching. He has worked in tourism, aviation, development, financial services, and telecommunications. 

Chris believes that his time away from home to pursue his education in Kingston and New York, coupled with the travels throughout the Americas, Caribbean, and Europe made him appreciate his home more and reminds him why it is worth fighting for. He strongly believes that the things that are wrong with Cayman can be fixed with the things that are right with Cayman and that our best days are still ahead of us. 

Chris is married to Shawnette and they have 3 children; Brandon the artist, Jordanne, the future Judge, and Daniel, the future Commissioner of Police. Chris proudly wears the title of a “momma’s boy” and will be the first to tell you that his successes are deeply rooted in the fact that he comes from a house with a “praying mother” that taught him to not lean on his own understanding but to trust in the Lord. 

For Bodden Town West

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